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Obtaining Course-by-Course Evaluation for Transferring Education Credentials from China to a US University

Foundations-Obtaining Course-by-Course Evaluation for Transferring Education Credentials from China to a US University

A Favorable Evaluation Can Lead to Career Advancement

A Course-by-Course evaluation from a reputable source can carry significant weight with US colleges and universities including undergraduate and graduate programs. Many institutions consider comprehensive evaluations from well-known credential evaluation agencies when making admissions and advancement decisions. A favorable evaluation can boost a student's chances of acceptance and may improve the likelihood of receiving academic advancement, scholarships, financial aid, internships, jobs and employment prospects. Candidates with positive results can appeal to employment recruiters for well-paying jobs in technology, healthcare, business, hospitality, teaching, engineering, legal, and the semiconductor and manufacturing industries, among others.

Reputable Evaluators Adhere to Guidelines

Another important aspect when seeking an evaluation company is to ensure compliance with regulatory, immigration and licensing bodies. Reputable evaluators follow ethical and procedural guidelines set by organizations like the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) in the US. This adherence helps maintain the integrity and validity of the evaluation, ensuring fair treatment for each student.

Why get a Course-by-Course from a Reputable Provider?

Ultimately, obtaining a professional evaluation for transferring education credentials instills confidence and peace of mind. The process of applying to US universities becomes more predictable and less stressful. By entrusting their academic records to qualified professionals, Chinese students can focus on other crucial aspects of their educational journey, such as preparing for standardized tests, improving English proficiency, crafting compelling essays, and honing their extracurricular activities.

In sum, the path to transferring education credentials from China to a US university can be smoother and more successful with a Course-by-Course Evaluation by a reputable credential evaluation service. Seeking advice from an ethical service offers invaluable insights, streamlines the application process, and can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. As Chinese students aspire to broaden their horizons through higher education in the US by F, J, OPT, H-1B, H-2A, EB, NIW, PERM, Green Card, permanent U.S. residency and other visa options, a well-informed and knowledgeable evaluation service can be their best ally in achieving their academic and career dreams.

Obtaining a Course-by-Course Credential Evaluation for Students in China to study at a US University

With over forty years of credential evaluation experience for students in China wanting to study or work in the USA, Foundation for International Services (FIS) has provided top results and earned a reputation for exceptional service. Providing Document-by-Document and Course-by-Course credential evaluation service via website, email or mobile phone application, FIS also offers quick certified Translations and Expert Opinions by knowledgeable professors. For people who prefer to submit their applications in person, FIS is open during the work week for walk-ins at the FIS office in Edmonds, WA, near Seattle. FIS evaluations are used by Fortune 500 companies, Seattle and global law firms, colleges and universities, recruiting and staffing companies in technology, software, teaching, healthcare, manufacturing and semiconductor fields, and other global career sectors.

As a founding member of NACES, FIS provides peace of mind as you advance in your academics and career. FIS is the top choice for getting successful results for admission into U.S. universities and colleges, and for applying for employment, certification, licensure, and also immigration. Selecting the best credential evaluation does not have to be overwhelming when you have the simple solution of choosing FIS to achieve your goals with the best results.

Obtaining the Best Credential Evaluation for Students in China to Study in USA is Simple!

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Posted on August 28, 2023 

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