At FIS we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the translations industry. Prompt, professional service and high quality certified translations will help you or your business succeed.

Our Services:

Certified document translations
- Vital records (birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation)
- Academic documents (diploma translation, transcript translation)
- Legal documents
- Financial documents
- Immigration documents

Business translations
- Marketing materials
- Employee manuals
- Technical documents

Included in our translations services:
- Two certified hard copies and one e-mailed soft copy
- A notarized Certificate of Translation Accuracy

Why choose FIS?
- Every language available
- Professional, experienced network of translators
- Personalized service and no machine translation
- Free Price Quote

Document Translations

FIS specializes in certified document translation services. Whether you need a birth certificate translated from Ukrainian into English, a university transcript translated from Portuguese into English, or tax documents translated from English into Korean, we can handle virtually any document in virtually any language.

Business Translations

In addition to certified document translations, FIS also offers fast business translation services. We can translate marketing materials, employee manuals, PowerPoint presentations or any other text-based product with fast turnaround and personalized service. Our business translations can be e-mailed to you directly for easy integration into your final product.

Certified Translations

Each FIS translation is issued electronically and comes with a Certificate of Translation Accuracy that ensures your document has been carefully and accurately translated by an experienced professional. For an additional $30, we can provide two notarized hard copies that will be mailed to the address of your choice.


FIS is capable of translating from virtually any written language to English and from English to virtually any written language! Translations from one foreign language into another foreign language cannot be guaranteed, but may be available depending on the language pair. Please contact us for availability.

Our Translators

Certification is the first step to ensuring accuracy in document translation. All FIS translators have several years of translation experience and are fully competent and fluent in English and their working language(s). All US based translators are members of the American Translators Association (ATA) and are certified where possible. In addition, FIS translators are assigned projects based upon their subject matter expertise and their experience with the type of documents to be translated.

Personalized and Accurate

Your language, your organization, and your industry are unique. So too is your translation. Where possible, we take into account your preferences for terminology, formatting and style before we begin the translation. Additionally every step of the translation process, from the initial quote to translator selection and to proofreading and review, is handled by a certified human translator as well as an experienced FIS project manager. Automated processes or machine translation can miss formatting, tone or subtle cultural aspects unique to your document. This is why FIS can guarantee accuracy and personalized quality that most companies cannot match. This commitment to accuracy gives you complete confidence that every translation is a match to the original document.


The cost of translation services depends on the scope, complexity and language(s) of the project. Get a free quote for more information.