Since 1978, The Foundation for International Services has provided international document services to thousands of clients, including:

  • Immigration attorneys
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Educational institutions
  • Corporate International Departments
  • International education experts
  • Professional search firms
  • Human resource professionals
  • U.S. Military
  • Individuals

We believe our expertise, professionalism and commitment to customer service are the primary reasons that we have earned the trust and confidence of so many clients.

Here's what clients say about FIS...

“Thanks Tereza. I just wanted to check if the translation came through early. I appreciate your timely replies and attention to this matter; it is thoroughly in keeping with the outstanding service we have always received from your company.” (Legal Assistant, small NY Law firm)

“Thank you again for taking the time to review my file. I appreciate both the speed and thorough consideration you gave my case.” (Individual pursuing continuing education) “

“Thank you for putting a rush on these translations. These are extremely important to my client relations. Your company is making us look very good with our largest client. You are the best. I can see why you have the reputation you do with this office and our firm. That's why you have become the go to service for us.” (Partner, large US Employment Law Firm)

Amazing service (as usual)! Thank you for always exceeding my expectations!” (Admissions Counselor, Pacific Northwest university)

“You sure know how to fix a situation with an unhappy client! You managed to accomplish overnight what we could not get our own client to do - overnight! Many thanks for this extraordinary effort.” (Partner, NY Law Firm)

“Thank you for double checking – I appreciate that you’ve reviewed the evaluation carefully enough to bring this to my attention! FIS always provides me with great service, and this is a perfect example! Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!” (Attorney, Washington, DC)

“This looks perfect. Thank you for your time, expertise and detail. I'm confident we are getting the best possible evaluation for our client.” (Partner, large national law firm)

“Thank you very much. Out of about 20 different companies that I emailed, yours was the ONLY helpful response.” (Admissions Counselor, Midwest university)

“I just recommended FIS to someone who may need translations for documents that are in a Vietnamese dialect. I am not sure if she will contact FIS, but your company has been the absolute best over the others with whom I have worked and I recommend you guys unreservedly.” (Attorney, Miami)

“FYI-whoever it is that answers your phones in the morning has a great telephone manner and very professional. What a change from so many offices that I come in contact with!” (Attorney, New York)

"Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and pleasant, and I want to extend thanks for helping with a really rushed evaluation." (Individual pursuing teacher certification)

"I really appreciate the personal attention that cases get from the Foundation for International Services."