1. What types of evaluations do you offer?

Basic Report (Document-by-Document)
- School recognition abroad
- Foreign program/major completed
- Completion/attendance dates
- US equivalent

Basic Report plus GPA (Modified Document-by-Document) See Basic Report content above, plus
- GPA calculation

Comprehensive Report (Course-by-Course) See Basic Report content above, plus
- GPA calculation
- List of courses completed
- Converted grades
- Converted credits

2. How do I know what type of evaluation I need?

We suggest that clients contact the receiving organization to determine which evaluation is necessary.

3. What documents are needed?

Please submit all relevant educational documents (i.e. diploma, graduation certificate, transcript, mark sheets…).

4. Do I need to submit original documents?

FIS policy does not require original documents. The evaluation will indicate if originals, certified copies, or photocopies were submitted. Some institutions and employers require evaluations to be based on original documents, so it is the responsibility of the applicant to know the requirements of the receiving institution or employer.

5. Will professional or vocational training be included in the report?

No, credentials equivalent to completion of professional or vocational training will not be included.

6. Will my secondary/high school education be included?

If both secondary (high school) and university-level credentials are submitted, FIS will analyze the post-secondary studies only, unless requested at the time of application.

7. Do I need to submit English translations of my non-English documents?

English translations (preferably certified translations) are required for all non-English documents that are necessary to perform an evaluation. If you do not submit your own translation, note that FIS offers translation services (these fees are in addition to the evaluation price).

8. How will I be contacted if FIS has questions or needs additional documents?

FIS will contact the email address listed on your application.

9. How will I receive my evaluation?

Evaluation reports are delivered via email as a high-resolution, color PDF and two hard copies are mailed via regular mail (FedEx available for an additional fee).

10. Will you return my documents if I submit originals?

Yes, FIS will return your originals once the evaluation has been completed.

11. Can I obtain additional copies of my report?

Additional paper/hard copies may be requested for $30 each for up to three years.

12. Can I speak with a foreign credentials analyst?

Questions or concerns should be submitted in writing for tracking purposes. If you have been communicating directly with an analyst via email, responding to the email is the best way to receive a response in a timely manner.

13. How do you determine the grades and GPA?

Grade point averages are calculated by assigning four points for each credit of A, three points for each credit of B, two points for each credit of C, one point for each credit of D and zero points for each credit of F. We use credit hours and hours assigned for each course for proration purposes. The grade point average is calculated by dividing the sum of the points earned by the total number of maximum marks.